Hello! my name is

Rudy Zimmerman

Security Specialist
CEH | Sec+ | Net+

About me

I am a recent graduate of the Computer Networks and Cybersecurity program at UMGC, eager to start a career combatting threat actors.

My Background

After 15 years of cultivating interpersonal skills in bars and restaurants, I am ready to bring my talents to the exciting field of cybersecurity. My early academic journey at Montgomery College and University of Maryland granted me a strong foundation in programming and computer architecture, but I decided to pivot when I transferred to UMGC. After graduation, I was still hungry, so I immediately enrolled in the Cyber Operations program in pursuit of my Master’s Degree.

Outside of my formal academic pursuits, I have sought to keep myself updated on trends in the threat landscape, while also gaining hands-on experience through red and blue team labs available on Hack The Box and Try Hack Me. I find combing through logs and discovering IoC’s to be as rewarding as popping boxes, so I like to bounce back and forth. I have participated in team-based CTF events with Cyber Padawans, UMGC’s cyber competition team, and am currently training to participate in my first CCDC competition!

What I do

I have spent considerable amounts of time developing a well-rounded skill set, and am seeking to develop these skills further in a professional environment.

Monitoring & forensics

Familiar with SIEMs such as Splunk and ELK, performing analysis on network captures with Wireshark, and carrying out investigations with Autopsy. Also capable of performing malware analysis and reverse engineering with Ghidra.

Vulnerability Assessment

Experienced in configuring and deploying OpenVAS and Nessus to conduct vulnerability assessments. I combine scan results with threat intelligence to produce reports suitable for technical staff and non-technical management.

incident response

Familiar with NIST best practices for responding to threats. Able to provide actionable recommendations for remediation and recovery.


  • Programming
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • SIEM
  • Firewalls
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Digital Forensics
  • Penetration Testing
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • Customer Service
  • Microsoft Office

My Experience

2023 - ?

Your company!

Gained experience in technologies used to identify and halt network intrusions. Worked with teammates to produce high-quality deliverables to improve client security posture.


Food and beverage

Provided memorable experiences for diners and revelers in various settings. Learned how to multi-task, prioritize effectively, and maintain a professional demeanor while under pressure. Most recently worked as a bartender at a high-volume concert venue.